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NLP & Time Line Therapy™

Did you know that only 5% of the workings of your mind are Conscious while the other 95% is Unconscious? This means that the majority of what directs your thoughts, feelings and behaviour is outside of your awareness and deliberate control. 


NLP - Time Line Therapy™ - Hypnotherapy


NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy help you learn to take control and give your Unconscious Mind clear directions for creating the life you want. 


You will discover the Unconscious Self-Limiting and Self-Sabotaging Decisions and Beliefs that are stopping you from achieving your Greatness! And, they will be resolved and transformed into your Desired Outcome. We work in the Unconscious Mind, so the results are powerful and long lasting.


NLP - (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


NLP is a method for accessing the user manual of your mind to make lasting changes in your life.


Neuro: Is the Nervous System (Mind) - how we experience the world through our 5 Senses.

Linguistic: Are both Language and Non-Verbal communication

Programming: The ability to discover and use the programs we run to achieve specific outcomes.


How does NLP do it? 


NLP removes and transforms conflicting thought patterns that are in the way of the positive changes you want to make in your life. NLP achieves this by transforming Unconscious Self-Limiting Filters into Self-Empowering Filters. These new Filters then automatically ‘filter down’ and result in positive action towards the life you want.



Parts Integration: If you Struggle with Money, Health, Business/Career, and Relationships,  there is likely to be one part of you that wants change and one part of you that does not want change. In NLP we resolve that conflict when we bring these two parts together, because they offer the same Positive Learnings e.g. Keep you Safe, Free, Abundance, Love, Assurance, whatever they are to you etc. This in turn removes the blockage that the conflict created, thereby allowing more flow and ease in these areas of your life.  


Strategies: We have a strategy for everything in our lives E.g. Strategy for brushing your teeth, Strategy for managing stress, Strategy on how you know that you have True Love in a relationship, etc.

In NLP we discover the strategy and how it is serving us or not. We can then replace it with a new and more efficient strategy.


Submodalities: Changing Like-to-Dislike: If you eat or drink too much and want to lose weight, this process can be used to help change your relationship with the item(s) you are consuming. A very simple yet highly effective process!


Time Line Therapy™


Time Line Therapy™ heals unresolved emotions that are trapped by past events.


During Time Line Therapy™ we move from the present self back through to the initial event in your past where it all started. Here we will find trapped emotions such as: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt, Shame, and Disappointment. By taking care of the first event (the roost cause), it will create a ripple effect through the Time Line of your life and help to clear unhelpful emotions from the past that kept you acting out the same unresolved scenarios.


We are able to safely go into the past by making sure you are Dissociated/Not Involved in the Emotions/Event E.g. Looking through a window at the Event from a distance. This allows for you to See, Hear and Feel the Positive Learnings from the Event to dissolve the effects it has over you.


Time Line Therapy™ helps with Anxiety, Phobias and other Emotionally Charged events in your Life that you are struggling to let go of.



Hypnotherapy is the Grandfather of NLP and Time Line Therapy. Through the Clever Art of Words and Language, we induce a Hypnotic Trance that helps seal in the Positive Learnings and Positive Suggestions created and achieved from NLP and Time Line Therapy.


Did you know that for two-thirds of your life you are in a Trance? When you are Daydreaming, you are in a Waking State of being in Trance. It’s like when you're on autopilot while driving and then you arrive at your destination, you can't recall big chunks of the drive there. Or conversely, when you are in a State of Flow, with Work, Sports, or your favourite Hobby. Time stands still and you are Flowing in Awe Inspiring Motivation and Conviction towards your Optimal Goal. Everything feels so amazing and you are fully alive and present.


Events around you alter and influence your Unconscious Mind in positive or negative ways. Think of a Powerful Movie, a Favourite Song, or An Emotionally Charged interaction with someone. They all influence you on multiple levels. 


With Hypnosis, we are deliberately influencing the Unconscious Mind with Positive Learnings and Positive Powerful Suggestions. This ensures that you achieve your Optimal Outcome/ and Desired State.


Hypnosis helps with Quitting Smoking, Weight Loss, Hair Growth, Stopping Snoring, Relaxation, Learning - Memory - Studying, Sexual Performance, to name only a few!


  • Get started on your Journey towards lasting freedom and success with an initial 1 hour Discovery Session. The Discovery Session will reveal the speed bumps and roadblocks that are getting in the way of living your best life. Then we work towards creating new possibilities in your life that you were not aware of before. 


After the discovery session, you will know with clarity what your desired outcome is and which path to take to create your personal transformation.

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